Useless Powers, Useful Heroes

[WP] The world is plunged into chaos as the last of the superheroes is slain. A new team arrives to save the day, but their powers are unorthodox, and they call themselves "The Useful Useless." Loose fabric flapped in the wind as Trigger ran along the outer wall of the fortress. "Sometimes I really wish I'd gotten control over sewing machines or something..." Her poorly fitted outfit was a constant source of disappointment for her.

A Violent Dance

Beneath a canopy of trees - deep within a forest not marked on any map - leaves crunched loudly under steel boots. On a day like this, the forest would normally be alight with the melodic sounds of its many varied denizens. Gone were the rich songs born from the beaks of many colored birds. Missing, the playful pitter-patter of small feet as critters scurried among branches. Not even the insects could be heard, upturning the soil to renew the ground.

Ciraas the Living Phylactery

Ciraas stood at the black gates of the Necropolis, taking a moment to stop and question if this was really the right thing for her to do. She'd messed up, yes, but servitude to the Lich King? Perhaps there was another way... "No," she thought to herself. This was it. This was how she'd learn to control the powers she found herself with; the powers she didn't know well enough to save her father.

Blood in the Cruek

Cruek stood by the flowing water, using his scooper to drink from it a scoop at a time. The sun sat high over head. The temperature was warm and the air heavy. The ground beneath his feet crunched with each minor move he made, the grass not surviving long enough to remain green. It was truly a beautiful day. When his mouth no longer felt dry, the rugged dwarf placed his scooper in the leather loop at his belt and turned away from the water.

Exit Gajol, Enter Jemm'bo

"Come on you orc fuck, you're slowin' us down!" Xarvir's shrill voice pierced Jemm'bo's ears despite the hushed tone he spoke in. The tiefling had a wild grin on his face as he messed with his comrade. Of course, slow and steady was often the best way to handle these sorts of missions. They both knew that. But that wouldn't stop Xarvir from giving his old friend a hard time.

Airabella's Last Stand

The princess sat on her throne, a look of deep contemplation resting on her face. She was so lost in thought, the scurrying steps of her forward scout completely evaded her attention. "M'lady, it grows closer." The lithe young man said nervously. Princess Airabella placed a hand gently on the man's shoulder, "I know Bernard... I know... Thank you for relaying your report, you are dismissed for today. Go try to relax for the night, okay?

Lighting the Candle

[WP] You are a Candle in a world of darkness, You can light yourself and see wonderful things... However staying lit means certain death as your wax melts away slowly... "So let me get this straight... you're... literally a candle?" "Yep." "And you can actually choose whether your wick is lit or not?" "Mmhmm." "So then why live in darkness? I feel like this must get pretty annoying after a while; I mean, I've only been here like 30 minutes and I'm already sick of it!

Arboreal Despair

[WP] For many, Arbor day is a barely noticeable holiday. For you, it is a grim reminder of what they took from you. "It's hard being a druid in the 21st century." Valerie thought to herself. Her kind had been forced into secrecy long ago. Many in their community blamed the so-called "industrial revolution," but in truth it went back well beyond that. Humanity had lost its respect for nature early in its development.

The Arbiter of Time

[WP] Time travel finally is invented, and on your first travel, you find out there is a Time Travel God, that prevent any significant change in the timeline, by any means necessary. "You won't believe what I saw in there..." "Try me." "Gods are real... And we ticked 'em off..." "Trevor, did you just say gods? As in, more than one?" "'fraid so, Dan. Now, if we're gonna finish our mission, we'll need to kill one.

Popeye the Mayo Man

[WP] Like Popeye, you to have a superpower that is activated by eating a specific food. That food: mayonnaise. All my life, I was mocked. They called me slow, told me I wouldn't amount to nothin'. Said I was too fat. Said I was worthless. And you know what? For a while, I believed 'em. That is, until I discovered my big secret. Ever since then, I learned to stop giving a fuck about just about everything.


[WP] You work at a magic support helpdesk and the newest spell compendium just dropped. It has some...interesting bugs. Norton frantically pushed the talk button, and moments later a plucky female voice greeted him through the receiver, "1-800-DO-MAGIC, this is Jessica speaking. May I please have your name and the nature of your problem?" Norton spoke through gritted teeth, struggling against his desire to scream, "Y-yes Jessica, I... My name's Norton and.

Screaming at the Sky

[TT] I reached the summit, looked up at the sky, and screamed The dwarves' attack was swift and entirely unexpected. Even the elves, as great as their magic is, were unable to scry the beginnings of war. We believed the land of Yrinx had finally entered into a time of peace. We were fools, every last one of us. In their subterranean halls, the dwarves constructed war machines the likes of which none in our world had ever seen.

Project Eden

[WP] Lucifer is appointed lead researcher for the 'Eden Project', by God, and tasked with artificially recreating free will. The Garden is a controlled testing environment and Adam & Eve are the teams first, and last, success. "Free will... What defines it? What is its essence? I cannot create that which I cannot understand..." Lucifer gripped the clay model of a human in his hand, crushing it beneath his fingers.

Thought Police

[WP] You live in a society where telepathic "Thought Police" are commonplace and harshly punish any anti-government sentiment. Thought Police, however, are forbidden from reading each other's thoughts. You are one of these Thought Police and are beginning to question the morality of your career. Justin threw the man against the wall. "You oft think such thoughts, pal? I don't much appreciate yer notions 'bout our Chancellor." Sparks began to leap off the police officer's baton as the button on its side was depressed.

Future Set in Stone

[WP] You keep meeting versions of yourself from the future. They don't seem to be the same future, but all of them try to kill you, and all of them disappear before you can corner them and figure out what is going on. Finally you catch one and find out why they keep coming. The man stood in his quaint home, easel wrapped around his thumb and brush held at the ready.

Severing the Bond

[WP] The bonds between people are visible in ethereal chords that connect them and how strong or thick these chords are. Unfortunately, people are able to sever these bonds. "Damn it Courtney, do we have to argue about this every week?" Mike shouted in an already half-defeated tone. His shoulders slumped and he shook his head as he let out a long sigh. "Well maybe if you'd stop being such an ass, this wouldn't be such a big problem!

Guns vs. Magic

[WP] The gunpowder age pushed most mages into support and healing positions. You are the last of your kind, a battle wizard "What do you mean you don't know how to make any magical shields or healing auras?! You said you were ready for battle!" The general, red in the face, yelled at the strangely garbed man in front of him. His hands slammed down on the table he was standing over, sending an intricately drawn map toppling to the ground.

Unplugged Second Controller

[WP] You give your little brother the unplugged second controller while gaming. When he pushes forward on the D-Pad, you suddenly get the urge to walk forward. Mark mashed the button harder; he knew it wouldn't actually make his jump longer, but old habits die hard. As he finally cleared the gap, his arm shot up in the air and he let out a resounding, "Yeeessss! God that jump was so frickin' annoying.

The Last Man on Earth

[WP] the last person on earth is sitting in a room. He hears a knock on the door “Dios mío, this is really it…” Adán Fuentes plopped down in the La-Z-Boy of his dreams. Memories of his father flashed through his mind. Days from his childhood, days filled with stories of his family’s immigration to the United States. Days filled with hope, that one day they too would be a prosperous American family.

Telescopic Mysteries

[WP] NASA is shut down unexpectedly, the ISS and other space stations are quietly scuttled with the crews aboard, and men in black go house to house confiscating telescopes “My god… it’s… it’s spreading... Alert the president – no, the U.N.! No one can know…” “Papa, can we look at the sparklies again? Through the slidey tube?” The girl looked up at her father, a look of innocent curiosity shining bright within her eyes.

Death Saves His Job

[WP] After an apocalypse, Death is desperately trying to help the last group of survivors so he doesn't lose his job. “The hour is grave indeed… To think my directive is reduced to this, desperately clinging to a false hope in order to evade destruction… Should I embrace my destiny? I was designed with one purpose, and to be disposed of once that purpose no longer existed. Do I really have the right, the authority, to rebel against my very creation?

The Art of War

Character Concept Inspired by Jhin from League of Legends Description Name: Antoine Flont (Formerly, Emille Yahz) Age: Unknown Race: Human Height: 5'7" Weight: 132 Backstory Emille was always an artist. At the ripe age of four his parents thought him to be a prodigy, as the young boy created pieces well beyond his years. His drawings were reminiscent of the finely placed strokes of da Vinci, his finger paintings practically mimicking Picasso, and his sculptures of clay rivaling the intricacy of Michelangelo.