NES Theme

After using a modified version of the Blackburn theme for more than a year, I've finally decided to try something new! The website is now themed with my own custom theme based around NES.css. This was my first time writing my own theme for Hugo. While I did base my code heavily on Blackburn, I had to modify quite a bit to make it work with NES.css. Some may ask: why change your theme?

Move to Hugo

It's that time of year again; I've switched static site generators once more! I know, I know... I have a problem... I am now using Hugo with the Blackburn theme. So if we recap, I've used Jekyll and Hexo in the past, the latter I made the switch to earlier this year. So why change again? Does Hugo offer substantially more than Hexo? To be honest, part of it is just my own addiction to changing my website.

Move to Hexo

A little over a full year after I moved my site to Jekyll, I am now moving it to Hexo! I'm currently using the Chan template, but I swear I'm not a weeb; it's just very aesthetically pleasing. Hexo operates in a very similar fashion to Jekyll, except the former relies on Node.js whereas the latter uses Ruby. This alone wasn't the sole reason for the switch, although I'll admit I do use Node and Javascript far more in my personal development processes than I do Ruby (which I admittedly barely use at all).

Move to Jekyll

My website has officially migrated to Jekyll! Jekyll is a static website generation tool. I am using the Lanyon template on top of it. I've made the switch for a couple of reasons: First and foremost, Jekyll makes it ridiculously easy to add and modify content. My website never has been (and likely never will be) particularly dynamic in nature. Therefore, there is really no for me to not use a static site generator.