Severing the Bond

[WP] The bonds between people are visible in ethereal chords that connect them and how strong or thick these chords are. Unfortunately, people are able to sever these bonds.

"Damn it Courtney, do we have to argue about this every week?" Mike shouted in an already half-defeated tone. His shoulders slumped and he shook his head as he let out a long sigh. "Well maybe if you'd stop being such an ass, this wouldn't be such a big problem! I just don't understand why you can't let me have this... It always has to be your way." Courtney's long brown hair flew through the air as she spun around and marched toward her desk. She began rooting around, clearly looking for something.

Mike squared his shoulders, "You know that's not true, don't exaggerate just because you're upset. Look, I know acting is your dream. I know you think this is your big break, but that director... he's an animal. A quick Google search shows it. He chews people up and spits them out, he doesn't give a shit about the lives he ruins as long as he gets his precious movie finished in the process. He won't start your career, Courtney, he'll end it." As he finished his speech, one he felt like he'd said at least a dozen times now, he walked over and placed a hand on his girlfriend's arm. He made to hold her hand, but she pulled away. "Courtney, please..."

Scissors. The item Courtney had been searching for appeared in her hand, and she held them up with a resolute expression on her face. Her gaze locked with Mike's as she spoke in a steely voice, "I love you, Mike. But I won't watch my future die just because you're too stubborn to accept that you might be wrong for once. I need this. If you cared about me as much as you say you do, you'd see that... This is the only chance I have, Mike..." Realization hit Mike like a truck. Tears formed in his eyes, "Sweetie, you... You can't possibly be thinking about... Please, put those down..."

The scissors opened up. To Mike, it looked like the gaping maw of some vile demon, laughing at him as it sought to ruin his life. The blades slid into place, surrounding the thick ethereal cord that linked him and Courtney. Raising his head from the threat before him, Mike gave his lover a pleading look, "It really means that much to you?.. Enough to throw all of this away?" Courtney let out a long breath, as if she'd been holding it in for months, "The fact that you even have to ask that answers every question I had about us... I'm sorry Mike, but I can't do this anymore." As the last word left Courtney's lips, the scissors came together.

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