NES Theme

After using a modified version of the Blackburn theme for more than a year, I've finally decided to try something new! The website is now themed with my own custom theme based around NES.css.

This was my first time writing my own theme for Hugo. While I did base my code heavily on Blackburn, I had to modify quite a bit to make it work with NES.css. Some may ask: why change your theme? Was something wrong the old one?

Well... No, no there wasn't. But when I saw NES.css, I knew I just had to make something with it. After contemplating for a while what to make, I ultimately decided a revamp for my site was the perfect use case.

For a long time, I felt I had to try and keep my website "professional." I wanted to ensure that if someone stopped in looking to offer me contractual/freelance work, I presented the proper image. However, I've since decided that I'd rather have my website more closer represent "me" as an individual. This paved the way to the NES themed reskin.

Maybe in the future I'll experiment with more fun ways to theme my website!

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