Future Set in Stone

[WP] You keep meeting versions of yourself from the future. They don't seem to be the same future, but all of them try to kill you, and all of them disappear before you can corner them and figure out what is going on. Finally you catch one and find out why they keep coming.

The man stood in his quaint home, easel wrapped around his thumb and brush held at the ready. "This will be it... This will be my masterpiece..." Brush pressed against canvas as he painted the first strokes of what he hoped would be a beautiful scene. A loud crashing sound caused his hand to shoot up, leaving a streak of blue behind it. "Damnit!" The man shouted. His frustration melted away in an instant as he realized what the sound must have been. "Finally!"

The man rushed into his bathroom. Before him stood his doppelganger. Or rather, the latest one. Many had come before this one, and he imagined many more would come until he could sort this out. These doppelganger's usually escaped as soon as they were discovered, which is why the man still had no idea what their motivations were. All he knew is that they wanted him dead. He was prepared this time though. The doppelganger was caught in a trap.

The man shouted at the doppelganger in the most intimidating voice he could muster, "Why are you here? Why the hell are you trying to kill me?!" The doppelganger sighed. He looked up at the ceiling, as if lost in deep thought, "You really want to know? Fine. You're a monster. And not just in this timeline. In all of them. We tried simply changing the future, modifying your past to alter what you'd become. It never matters. Every single time you become a vile, evil man. We've decided the only way to fix it is to kill you. Every version of you."

The man looked at the doppelganger incredulously. After pondering for a moment, he shot back with, "Something here doesn't make sense... If I always turn out the same way, doesn't that mean you -- and all the others -- are 'monsters' too? Why then would you come back and try to kill me?" The doppelganger laughed, "We're not really you, stupid. The agency that made us, they... Have some strange policies. A person can only be killed by genetically modified clones of themselves. Something about interlacing with the space time continuum or some such nonsense. Look, that's not for me to understand. We're just tools, they make us to kill you, we do our job, then we're decommissioned. Simple as that."

A glint appeared in the man's eyes. He had a plan. "Why kill me then?" The doppelganger raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?" The man continued, "Well, if I die, you die, right? So why not let me live, then? Round up all the clones, work for me. You know the future. You can help me be even more successful." The doppelganger thought for a long time. Finally he spoke up, "It's crazy... But it might actually work... Would sure beat dying..."

The man released the doppelganger from the trap. "So you'll do it?" The doppelganger smiled and shook the man's hand, "You got a deal, bud. Better than the crap they have us doing in the future. And definitely better than being decommissioned. I uh... Might have a way for you to stay in touch with us. It's a weird process, but just trust me. I'll give you some books, perform the rituals in them and you'll be good."

“Mein fuhrer, the preparations are complete.” The soldier raised his arm to the sky, saluting his leader. Hitler ordered everyone to leave. He sat alone in a dark room, surrounded by dim candles. He cracked open a dusty book and began chanting in a strange tongue. Minutes passed in silence. Finally, Hitler spoke, “What news do you bring from the future?”

 Severing the Bond Thought Police