I'm a Calculating... year old nerd with a passion for programming. I graduated from Stetson University in 2017, with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems (CIS).


How did you start programming?

The origin of my interest in programming can potentially be traced back to a couple of different (but ultimately similar) places. Regardless of what you consider the "starting location" of my interest, I was around 14 or 15 when said interest cropped up. I used to mess around with a program called RPG Maker XP, which could be used to make GameBoy-style games without any coding knowledge. However, if you wanted your game to be unique or to have features beyond what the program came with, you needed to be able to extend it with the software's varient of Ruby. This is probably where the spark began, but it wasn't until I started using GameMaker that I actually tried to learn to code seriously. From there it was simply a matter of realizing that relying on pre-built systems such as RMXP or GM was incredibly limiting. I wanted more, and I knew I'd have to learn to code properly in order to reach my newfound goals. I followed tutorials online and taught myself as much as I could, and my passion for coding grew as a I did so.

Have you always wanted to code for a living?

Since I didn't really start programming until I was about 14/15, I certainly didn't always want to be a programmer. That isn't to say I wasn't interested in general computing concepts; I've always love computers and the various tasks they can perform. Despite this, when I was young my goal was to become a scientist one day. I didn't know much about the various "types" of scientists (chemists, biologists, physists, etc.), I just knew I wanted to do something in that realm. After all, Bill Nye the Science guy was practically my hero. The middle school science fair was when I realized that science as a career just wasn't going to work. To put it bluntly, I hated the science fair. Fortunately, it was soon after the fair that I began experimenting with coding. After taking a couple of programming classes in highschool (one of which being AP Computer Science), I knew I wanted to code professionally.

What are your hobbies?

I love to play video games, jam out on my guitar, and occasionally engage in various forms of creative writing.

Do people really ask you these questions, or did you make them up?

I haven't been asked these questions by people contacting me via this website, but I've definitely been asked them over the course of my life. I said this was a FAQ, I never claimed it was a site-based FAQ.

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